SVG Files Showing As Chrome or HTML Files

Has your SVG file gone missing? If so, you are in the right place!! Spoiler alert…it’s not really missing your computer has just changed it! 😊 

So you have created and saved your file as an SVG file but when you go back to use it you now see a Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge or some other type of file in its place. 

Or maybe you sell digital download files and your customer has contacted you saying there is no SVG file in the download.

Either way, I can help you!

The SVG file is actually still there, your computer has just changed it to another file type.

Why? You might ask… Your computer has automatically chosen a program to open this file type SVG. So when an SVG file is saved, it will show up as the file type your computer is set to open that particular file with. In most cases it defaults to Chrome, Internet Explorer or Edge. 

This is a really quick and easy fix! Just follow the steps below.

First locate the file. After unzipping the folder you may see several file types. Most designers include SVG, DXF, EPS, & PNG files with each design. So if you see a Chrome, Explorer, Edge or any other file type that was not listed in the description…that will be your SVG file!

If you click on this file, it will actually open up in your web browser. 

Fixing this is very easy! Just right click on the file, scroll down to OPEN WITH and the choose a program that can open SVG files. If you do not see your editing program here click on CHOOSE ANOTHER APP.

Find your software program and select open. For this example I am using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. But you can choose any program that is compatible with SVG files. For example Illustrator, Inkscape, Cricut, etc.

Now your file is no longer showing as a Chrome or Internet file. It is back to being an SVG file! If you click on it, it will open in the program you chose…for instance this one will automatically open in the Silhouette program. 

One more step to make this a permanent change….

Right click on the file again and checkmark the box that says ALWAYS USE THIS APP TO OPEN SVG FILES. And click OK.

Now whenever you save or download SVG files they will show up as SVG files with the icon of whatever program you chose.

Hopefully this explains why your SVG file disappeared and how to get it back!

Happy Crafting!! 😊

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