About me

Hi there fellow crafter!

I am Shawna, otherwise know as The Crafting Entrepreneur 🙂

A little about me…

I am married to the sweetest guy who is also my biggest supporter. We have 5 kiddos of our own and several others that we have “adopted” as our own (our kids friends). Our house is always full, crazy, and loud! We have 2 girls in college, 2 teenage boys, and a 9 year old boy who thinks he’s a teenager. They all play sports and keep me going in all directions.
In my free time (what very little I have) I enjoy spending time outdoors, practicing yoga, creating new recipes that my family won’t eat, and reading motivational books in the bathtub (that is the only quiet place around here).
I run The Crafting Entrepreneur and my graphic design company (The SVG Stop) from home….and from the car, and at my kids sporting events (only when they are not in the game of course), and where ever else I can sneak a little work in.

I began as a Crafting Entrepreneur back in 2011….

I purchased a sewing machine and an embroidery machine and taught myself to sew. I began creating clothing for my children and my friends and family. Whew, those first few projects looked rough! But after a lot of practice (and frustration & tears) I felt I was good enough to open an Etsy shop.
My Etsy shop took off and I was able to create a full time income for myself. But sewing and embroidering are very time consuming. I bought a silhouette cutting machine and that was a little faster but the orders still needed my full attention. And with 5 kids, my time and attention is very divided. So I began to think of ways to switch my business to a more passive type of income.
I had been creating digital designs for my projects and had an idea to sell these designs to other crafters. There were only a handful of digital design sellers back then and a lot of the designs they were offering was not what my customers were looking for.  So I was confident that other cutting machine owners may be looking for the type of designs I was creating as well.
Boy was I right, I opened The SVG Stop in January of 2015. I had set myself a goal to make a full time income with this so I could close the embroidery shop and still have a full time income coming in. I surpassed this goal and ended up making a 6 figure income in the first year!! Not only did I increase my income to a level that I had never reached before, but I was also able to free up time to spend with my family. Once I created the designs, they were there to make money for me. I could sleep, hangout with my family, take vacations and make money passively!

Now I have a bigger vision….

I want to help others to live this life! I want to help you craft the life of your dreams!
I always enjoyed answering my customers questions and helping newbies figure out how to use their machines. I love that ah ha moment when it all starts making sense. So now I am working on creating tutorials, classes, books, printables, and anything else that may be of help to those who are ready to live the life of their dreams!
Hope you find this website informative and helpful! Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. I am more than happy to help!
Dream – Believe – Achieve
❤️- Shawna

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